RCS Tech Group has been providing shoring services for mega projects, including hydro (dam, spillway and powerhouse), mining, roads, railways, metro stations and high-rise deep foundations.

A Commitment to Excellence

We pride ourselves on providing a level of shoring service that unfailingly surpasses quality standards and client expectations. We are dedicated to consistently providing our clients with economical, time-efficient and reliable service.

We are committed to ensuring all shoring projects have minimal environmental impact during the disposal of waste, as well as ensuring disposal takes place at registered facilities while following all regulations.

A Qualified Team

We have enlisted the most qualified personnel in the shoring industry with extensive experience navigating projects of varying sizes.

RCS Tech is ready to bring years of large-scale project management and construction experience in order to execute and deliver shoring projects with the highest quality. We do so according to schedule and in compliance with our clients’ expectations.

As a team, we pride ourselves on our ability to predict any potential challenges that may arise along the way. We have been able to rely on the proficiency of our professionals to overcome the challenges of each shoring project ahead of time. By meticulously calculating the outcome of each project and catering to every schedule, RCS Tech is prepared to resolve complications ahead of time.

Unfaltering Safety Practices

Our services are precision-designed to eliminate any type of risk, at all costs. We utilize trusted, state-of-the-art protective systems to ensure the safety of everyone on and off-site and ensure safe access and egress regardless of conditions.

Our entire team is trained for fast, quick response during the most demanding, emergency situations. The competent, qualified and trained personnel is able to identify and predict potential hazards and take the corrective measures necessary in order to eliminate them. This creates an environment that ensures the safety of the people we value.

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