About Us

RCS Tech Group is proud to be at the forefront of British Columbia’s construction projects. With a strong focus on shoring, our services are backed by the most advanced equipment and a knowledgeable team of managers, engineers, superintendents and foremen.

At RCS Tech, we incorporate our comprehensive expertise and renowned construction knowledge with the highest Canadian standards. We integrate a working culture that aims to accomplish projects of all scopes and complexities. We do so with the highest quality, ahead of expected schedules and without sacrificing our competitive pricing.

Our expansion to Vancouver, BC has allowed us to extend our platform into ongoing construction projects. Having had the privilege of being involved with some of the largest construction projects in Vancouver, we are proud to have worked alongside some of the most talented names in the local industry.

Regardless of a project’s requirements, our firm is equipped with a dedicated team of diverse professionals and the equipment to meet the needs of each individual assignment.

We look forward to helping you realize your project.

Our Mission

To provide shoring services that help clients construct their projects with the utmost efficiency, quality and safety.

Our Vision

To create long-term, lasting value for clients, employees and the company.

Our Values

Our core values establish the foundation on which RCS Tech was built. They are the deep-seated and very essential principles that guide our actions.


Our field of work is saturated with hazards and dangers, making the safety of our people our greatest concern and primary measure of success.


We are attentive and responsive, efficiently serving our clients with consistent professionalism, morale and transparent approach.

Community Trust

Having the confidence of our community is important to us. We foster trust and respect with every relationship we form, both with our community as a whole, and each individual we meet.


We strive for excellence in all that we do. It is paramount to us that we provide our clients with outstanding distinction, high-quality service and the highest standards in the industry.


We are actively dedicated to consistent and continued success – to the success of our clients’ projects, our team members and everyone else on board.


We embrace changes, barriers and unexpected challenges by facing them with knowledge, proactivity and innovation.

Helping solve some of the toughest challenges faced by today’s civil engineering landscape.

Why Us? We optimize our vast industry knowledge to bring clients a synergy of precision-engineered solutions and cutting-edge technology.

  • We Are Qualified

Our knowledgeable team members hold years of hands-on experience backed by advanced training, certifications and Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

  • We Are Licensed, Insured & Bonded

We protect everyone involved. You can rest assured that you’re protected under any circumstances throughout the duration of our working together.

  • We Are Reliable

We are able to provide you with what is most important: short schedules, superior adaptability and quality that ensures safe and efficient project completion.

  • We Always Find a Way

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your project, we utilize innovative, time-tested solutions for the challenges you face.

  • We Add Value

We aim to provide you with more value than you requested or expected, from the moment we meet for a consultation to the moment we leave your site.