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Precision-engineered shoring services across Greater Vancouver.

About Us

RCS Tech Group is proud to be at the forefront of British Columbia’s construction projects. With a strong focus on shoring, our services are backed by the most advanced equipment and a knowledgeable team of managers, engineers, superintendents and foremen. By marrying our comprehensive expertise with our renowned construction knowledge, we are able to surpass the highest and most demanding civil infrastructure standards in Canada. We integrate a working culture that aims to accomplish projects of all scopes and complexities. We do so with the highest quality, ahead of expected schedules and without sacrificing our competitive pricing.

Helping solve some of the toughest challenges faced by today’s civil engineering landscape.

Our Services

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Our high-quality shoring services are aimed at bringing unique and innovative solutions to construction projects across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. This allows us to help our customers solve the civil engineering challenges they face throughout the course of their projects.

Our support structures are precision-engineered to adapt to unique site conditions and eliminate the chances of collapse. By adhering to strict governance of practices that promote the highest standards of safety, integrity and reliability, we are able to provide total customer satisfaction.


Our excavation processes ensure that surrounding properties are in no way impacted by your project. We clear land to prepare your site for construction with varying methods of drilling, grading and digging all year-round, rain or snow.

Whether your project’s objective is to clear land for new construction or install storm drainage systems, we take pride in the work we do. From performing a series of alterations and repairs or implementing new additions, you can rely on our team of qualified technicians. We work with the utmost efficiency in order to help you stay ahead of schedule, meet tight deadlines and establish a foundation on which you can provide your customers with quality workmanship.

Why Us? We optimize our vast industry knowledge to bring clients a synergy of precision-engineered solutions and cutting-edge technology.

  • We Are Qualified

Our knowledgeable team members hold years of hands-on experience backed by advanced training, certifications and Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

  • We Are Licensed, Insured & Bonded

We protect everyone involved. You can rest assured that you’re protected under any circumstances throughout the duration of our working together.

  • We Are Reliable

We are able to provide you with what is most important: short schedules, superior adaptability and quality that ensures safe and efficient project completion.

  • We Always Find a Way

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your project, we utilize innovative, time-tested solutions for the challenges you face.

  • We Add Value

We aim to provide you with more value than you requested or expected, from the moment we meet for a consultation to the moment we leave your site.

Temporary Commercial & Residential Shoring Solutions

For your next construction project in Vancouver

Buildings, trenches and other structures require support during repairs and construction to eliminate any danger of collapse. Shoring relieves the load on masonry walls, steadies them and prevents them from collapsing while being built or repaired. It also prevents soil from caving when not yet made stable.

At RCS Tech, we facilitate the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technologies, innovative shoring methods and time-tested functional systems. With an excellent safety record and a history of zero litigations, we stand by our promise of superior service.

Health & Safety

More than a commitment.

At RCS Tech, we are consistently proactive at implementing the highest health and safety standards into our operations.

We care about our team, and we believe that creating a secure work culture based on safety is everyone’s responsibility. Safety is at the core of our practice, and interweaving it with the high-quality work we are known for has allowed us to thrive in the industry.

Our philosophy extends to preserving our planet’s health by ensuring every one of our processes causes minimal harm and negative impact. We strongly believe in showing the Earth gratitude for providing us with its resources by finding the most sustainable solutions.